How I Became… A Springsteen Fan

It was the summer of 1998 and I was back home from college. One of my good friends, Phil, was back as well from the Army. This already starts off sounding like a Springsteen song. We had a Marine friend, Ian, who lived up in Sacramento about two hours north of us. Ian said he... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

After almost a two-year hiatus I'm ready to get this thing rolling again. I'll be providing literary content along with some musings and links to things I find amusing. That is probably not the best sentence I've ever written, but it rhymes so I'm going to ride with it. Lots of changes over the last... Continue Reading →

Happy (belated) Birthday, Tupac!

     Some people had John Lennon. Some had Kurt Cobain. I had Tupac Shakur.      I loved "Brenda's Got a Baby," "Keep Ya Head Up" and "I Get Around," but it wasn't until he was in prison and released Me Against the World that I became a die-hard fan. Heck, I replicated a Vibe cover... Continue Reading →

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