I’m Back

After almost a two-year hiatus I'm ready to get this thing rolling again. I'll be providing literary content along with some musings and links to things I find amusing. That is probably not the best sentence I've ever written, but it rhymes so I'm going to ride with it. Lots of changes over the last... Continue Reading →

The New England Patriots and the Media

I'm thinking about writing a book about the New England Patriots and their 2011 season. The angle is my research will mainly be based on their coverage by the media. Although the focus will be this season, it'll give a history of the team during the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era. It'll be a week by... Continue Reading →

Ramblings (and a mail bag)

I hope Kevin Durant doesn’t have a career-defining injury. He’s the first player since Penny Hardaway whom I hope succeeds. But, really, 66 at Rucker Park. Building the legend one court at a time. Please come back, Randy Moss. Just one more season. I don’t even care if he goes nuts and doesn’t finish. I... Continue Reading →

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