Mister Saechao’s Gambling Advice

Money always makes me happy, especially money that I win. And I’ll bet on just about anything. How many seconds until the light turns green? Give me an over/under. Six seconds? I’ll take the over. How many ladies will give me the red light tonight? I’ll take the over at 3.5. How many super nice... Continue Reading →


Looking for a place to settle my Father walked me ___between the tracks leading to the next town, our town with a different name, familiar enough. Trains push air under dust, it is so dry, our breathing, like eating dirt from the earth. It’s a drought, he says, not looking at me. Our destination ___is... Continue Reading →

Fortune Cookies

My father speaks before the family at the dinner table. __[My mother provides the translations.] Upon birth I cried, coming out headfirst. “Happy days are just over the mountaintop. ____The struggle has ended.” She brings countless plates; __frisbees with food for my American friends. He eyes them and grins. (Chew. Don’t choke. ____Moderation is key.)... Continue Reading →

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