Welcome to Great Falls – A Serial Novel – Part 21

November 5, 2014, Wednesday

Dear Diary,

I’m just a boy and I might not know much, but I know my brother is drinking a lot. He smells sour like Dad in the morning sometimes. I can hear his steps at night in the hallway even though he tries to walk on his tippy toes. He never used to get up to use the bathroom, but now I hear him almost every night around two or three. I’ve never been much of a deep sleeper, but I can always fall asleep when I need to.

I love my brother and he’s really good at sports. You should have seen him last week. He threw the football from his end zone almost all the way to the other side. Just kidding. He’s going to be the greatest. Better than Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Better than Joe Montana even. I’ve watched him on Youtube. He doesn’t look so great to me even though my dad swears by him.

My mom and dad are going to have another baby, which is awesome. I’m the youngest so everyone is older than me right now, and I’ve been asking for a little brother for years. I’ll even take a little sister if I have to, but I really want a brother. I can teach him how to throw a football and how to shoot baskets. We can even play catch like I do with Saan when he’s not in school or practicing.

I’m also glad my mom’s having a baby because it makes dad happy. He has been really sad lately. He used to play with us more when I was little but the last few years, all he does is get dressed and go to work even though he’s retired. I thought “retire” means “stop working”.

We just started tryouts for basketball at my junior high two days ago. I am trying out for the varsity team even though I’m only in sixth grade, but if I make the team I will be the third tallest. I think I have a good chance because when we play before school and during lunch I’m the only sixth grader the eighth graders pick on their teams to play the first game.

Francesca is trying out for the cheerleading team, so if I make the varsity, she will have to cheer for me. She kind of does already anyway. She’s the best sister I can ask for, even though we’re not brother and sister biologically. I think she should play for the girls’ basketball team, because she’s really good, but she doesn’t want to. Maybe she’ll play city league in the spring

Oh well, I guess I need to get some sleep. Actually, I’m going to read Where the Red Fern Grows until I get sleepy. I don’t know anything about the Ozarks or hunting, but I want a puppy now. Maybe I’ll ask mom for one for Christmas.


Dexter Saeteurn

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