Welcome to Great Falls – A Serial Novel – Part 7

October 22, 2014, Wednesday


Saan woke up with a clear head and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He could smell the alcohol on his breath.

He smelled eggs and chorizo in the kitchen when he walked to the gym to join Kao, who was already on the treadmill. His father smiled at him and nodded to the bench press.

His father’s rules included his son having to lift more than the linemen, which used to be hard when he was a freshman but by the end of his junior year there were only two guys on the team who lifted more.

“How’s the team looking?” Kao asked.

“I really don’t know.” Saan lied down on the bench.

“That’s good.”

“How do you mean?”

“What’s the point if you already know the outcome, right?”

Saan explained that everyone was healthy and set to play on Friday, which was their homecoming game.

“Are you going to the homecoming dance?” Kao asked.

“Yeah, I’ll probably be home early though.”


“I need to catch up on some homework. Got some mid-terms coming up.”


“Look, these guys are easy to serve,” George said. “You cook before?”

“Yeah, just let me know how people want things,” Brandon said.

“Hector will show you. There’s some shit about this grill. Can’t figure it out to save my life.”

George gave a rundown on how the well drinks were set up and how to mess with the register in case of a mistake. “Look, you can give away drinks during the day at your discretion and not have to worry about it. Amy don’t give a shit about that. But if you do it at night, you better have a reason.”

“What’s Amy’s deal?”

George looked at Brandon with a weird look, and Brandon asked if she was related to Kao.

“Amy’s Andy’s wife. Andy and Kao are like family,” George said. “You don’t fuck with that.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s my people. You don’t mess with them.”

Brandon took a step back and put his hands up.

“Look, don’t take it the wrong way. They’re family to me.”


“Pour heavy and don’t ever have anyone ask for a double. If they do, you pour them a standard drink and ask if they want another one.”


Vanessa walked out the gym and watched Elaine do lunges on the curb.

“You think he’s gay?” Elaine asked.

“You going to keep on finding excuses?”

“His books and cooking and… His place just seems too organized.”

Elaine lied and said no when Vanessa asked if Brandon made her dinner.

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